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Screw It, We're Just Gonna Talk About Spider-Man

Jun 27, 2018

First appearance of the Spider-Slayer robot, back when it was just the Spider-capturing robot! Also, Kevin and Will realize every teenager on Peter Parker’s block is a nephew/niece with no parents in sight. Weird, right? And we catch up reader mail, which leads to Will pitching an impressively detailed vision for an...

Jun 20, 2018

Kevin and Will break from the format of the podcast to talk about Spidey stories from after the original Steve Ditko era! They talk about two in this episode: The Kid Who Collected Spider-Man and Kraven’s Last Hunt! Both are so cool!

Jun 13, 2018

The current penciller (Joe Quinones) and colorist (Jordan Gibson) for “Peter Parker, The Spectacular Spider-Man” join Kevin and Will to talk about the psychological drama that is issue 24 -- Spider-Man Goes Mad! We get into: Ditko hands! Gangster Faces! European Therapists! And how a villain really gives away his...

Jun 6, 2018

Kevin and Will are joined by Chip Zdarsky, current writer for the Marvel Comic “Peter Parker, The Spectacular Spider-Man.” We talk about his recent story in which 2018 Spider-Man time-travels to… the Spider-Man of THIS EPISODE’S ISSUE! So cool! We get into: What exactly is the Green Goblin’s concept? Do all...